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THE F**CKED UP Thing about Lies and Betrayal

Just a random vent inspired by an afternoon at the salon...

The F**cked up thing about betrayal is that you feel like you are losing your mind. The right abuser will have you thinking it is your fault and that you are really going crazy.

· You have trust issues!

· You are crazy!

· You are just insecure.

· Mind your business!

· Stop stalking me!

· I have no reason to lie to you.

· You sound stupid.

· You are making up stuff.

· She/He is just my friend.

Recently I was participating in “salon talk” and the stories that were being shared were about individuals not being faithful in their relationships. I know we are in a time where open relationships/non monogamy is a thing and that is okay……IF BOTH INDIVIDUALS IN THE RELATIONSHIP are aware of the plan.

I will not share ALL of the stories because I am sure you have many of your own and if you are on this blog, most likely you are living or have lived through you very own experience with betrayal. Lies and Betrayal are my pet peeves because it just seems like this is a problem with such an easy solution… JUST TELL THE TRUTH.

I often ponder the question, in a world where you can love how you want to love, why cheat and lie? IF you do not want to be faithful why not be with someone that lives the same lifestyle as you. Monogamy isn't for everyone but do not hurt anyone in the process... AM, I ASKING FOR TOO MUCH?

After an afternoon of “salon talk” I was angry, in my feelings, and frustrated. I have heard it all (maybe not), and I have experienced my own share of lies and betrayal. I reached out to a trusted friend to vent as my friend has been on the Betrayed side as well as the Betrayer. At the end of my random vent and my many questions—the response was…why do you take this personal and why do you care that much?


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