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The Breaking Point

Updated: Feb 5

Walking away from someone that I was in love with is one of the hardest decisions that I ever had to make.


As an Infidelity and Divorce Coach the biggest misconception is that I promote divorce. If you read my previous blog, you may get a different perspective. I am never going to advise anyone to leave their marriage. My response is typically fight until you can’t fight anymore; however, you have to choose what happens next. If that is the case Christina, what was your breaking point (I get this question often) or why did you choose divorce? Divorce is my authentic truth; however, I wanted to save my marriage. After a brief separation…my ex-husband and I reconciled, and I was proud of us and our marriage and thought that infidelity would be a part of our testimony.

My breaking point was acknowledging that one person could not fight alone and both parties had to be on board. My breaking point was when I didn’t notice myself in the mirror anymore and I became numb to the bizarre stories just to save my marriage. My breaking point was the moment I realized I lost my self-worth, and I had a two year that looked up to me. Months after marriage counseling and difficult conversations and us putting it all on the line I discovered that the lies, cheating, and deceit never ended. I decided to choose ME and start the messy yet beautiful journey of healing.

I encourage women to fight for their marriage until they can't fight anymore. Acknowledge that we ALL have a breaking point. Once you have reached your breaking point and you have to walk away...accept that maybe happily ever after is different than what was envisioned for their life but there is so much more to the story then this moment and you can heal and perhaps create a different version of happily ever after.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” --Joseph Campbell

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